Why You Should Get Your Own Coffee Maker

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We Love Coffee

Coffee is the closest thing we have to magic potions or elixirs. On slow mornings it serves as a well-needed boost, reinvigorating our body and preparing us for the busy day ahead. We meet up with our friends in swanky coffee shops to catch up and bond over a cup of coffee. On rainy days, we cuddle up with a sweet, warm latte and enjoy a new book or movie. Coffee is comforting; we can enjoy it warm to soothe us on gloomy, bleak days, or iced when the heat becomes too unbearable. It’s also incredibly healthy for you, helping you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. It may come as a shock to you, but we do a lot more moving around when we aren’t sleepy and fatigued. Moreover, coffee has an insanely high amount of antioxidants, which your body needs to neutralize free radicals and counter oxidative stress. A cup of medium roast coffee is loaded with as many antioxidants as a handful of goji berries or a double serving of kale salad. It’s no wonder people have been guzzling down this amazing concoction for almost 600 years.

Time to Wake up and Smell the Coffee

This past year has definitely not been what any of us expected. Our daily routines that took so long to perfect have been disrupted. For me, I was no longer able to go get a coffee from my favorite coffee shop on my way to work every morning. And I no longer had access to the expensive espresso maker in my office. After weeks of drinking more instant coffee than the entire country of Norway, I decided that it’s just no longer going to cut it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, instant coffee is convenient, but there’s no match for the real thing. I made a decision, I was going to buy myself a proper coffee maker. I spent so many hours looking for the perfect one and, in my quest to find it, I stumbled across CoffeeOnPoint.com’s reviews of small coffee makers. I knew that I wanted a tiny machine; no single person needs to brew 16 cups of coffee at a time. Plus, I didn’t want it to occupy half of the counter space in my kitchen. And I wanted it to be fast and silent. See, not having to go into the office has its perks. With my new little machine, I could sleep in as long as possible and still brew a hot mug of gogo juice in just under 60 seconds. Having this little gadget in my life has improved my productivity tenfold. Where has it bean all my life?! Waking up to the smell of fresh hot coffee is all I need to get up and power through my day. If you’re in need of a new brewing buddy, check the best grind and brew coffee maker on CoffeeOnPoint.

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