A Complete Buying Guide To Quiet Hair Dryers

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Today’s world is noisy and restless enough, and sometimes escaping is very well received. You don’t have to be an overly sensitive person to appreciate a window full of tranquility and lack of perpetual bustle. There are many improvements that we can make in our household to reduce phonetic pollution that unrests our souls and minds. Here we provide you with one noiseless alternative to a very usual beauty product, that is the hair dyer.

Have you ever found yourself taking a bath late at night and didn’t want to use the hairdryer mainly because it would have made a preposterous noise that would have woken the ones asleep? If so, imagine using a completely sound-absent device that would take off your shoulders midnight dilemmas. Below, we are going to discuss the central features you should consider before equipping yourself with a great quiet hairdryer.

Notable features of a quiet hairdryer

Heating. Regarding heating technologies, better hairdryers usually provide heating systems that protect the hair. For instance, a ceramic coating is a key element to spreading the heat evenly so that your hair doesn’t overheat. Moreover, negative ion technology is another great innovation in newer models, which diminishes static energy and dries faster your hair.

Dual Air Flow. This is one of the key features of quiet hairdryers, mainly because it reduces the noise produced inside the barrel. Also, if you are looking for a more powerful hairdryer, it is mandatory that you choose a model that provides this function so that it blurs the extra decibels that range inside the product.

Wattage. The lower the rate of RPM, the quieter an action you hairdryer will perform. Consequently, a lower rate of rpm means fewer watts that fuel the product. Although with fewer wattage, it won’t dry as fast the hair as would a more powerful model, you are guaranteed a silent action. However, if you are willing to pay more for some additional engineering that allows more watts without any extra noise, there are models on the market that provide you this amenity within 2000 watts.

3 Best Quiet Hair Dryers

  • Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer. This model fuses together power and quiet drying. Due to three layers of ceramic coating, the fan guarantees efficiency regarding the even spreading of the heat.
  • Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro-Dryer. With a futuristic design, Bio Ionic Whisper provides innovative features too. For instance, its internal engineering prevents your hair from heat damage. Moreover, due to the Nanoionic Hybrid Mineral Technology, the airflow hydrates your hair while drying it. Regarding the power, with fewer wattage, this model performs probably one of the quietest drying operations.
  • VAV Blow Dryer 1875W Professional Hair Dryer. This model provides a low-frequency motor that ensures somewhat quieter operation. On the other hand, while the integrated negative ions along with the dual air flow secure a rapid drying of your hair, the power of the fan is not that remarkable in the market. All in all, although it might take a while for you to dry your hair, the model will deliver a silent performance.

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