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Creative Types

You may remember, a few weeks ago, I conducted a poll to find out the direction of your conjugate lateral eye movement, i.e., the direction in which you look when you think about something. Now, if there's one thing I learnt from the doing this, it's that when choosing options for a poll, you should try and think of every answer that people could respond with. In this case, I only offered 2 options: 'left' and 'right'; whereas I should have perhaps offered 'up' and 'down' and of course 'don't know'. Anyway, we did learn something from the poll, regardless of the fact that it wasn't done properly; we discovered that most of the people who visit this site look to the left when they think. Which means that most of you are visual rather than symbolic thinkers and most of you are creative people. Well done, because I look to the left too.

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Control-P Print!

After updating to OS X Jaguar, my machine failed to recognise my Epson C42UX printer. Epson do seem to be slow in keeping the drivers up to date for Mac OS X, which is where utilities such as Gimp-Print come in very handy. It bypasses the use of drivers by printer manufacturers by using Jaguars own open source print spooler.

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Falling Off Mount Improbable

Both Rik and Adam have written about their take on Humanism and its proponents since I wrote about the British Humanism Association last week.

Rik isn't the only person I know who objects to Richard Dawkins' hard line on religion. While I take exception to Dawkins' slightly patronising attitude to those who choose to believe in a God, I agree with much of what he says, including his opinions on the teaching of religion in schools. I think children should be taught about the worlds religions purely from a subjective standpoint, and they should be taught this alongside evolutionary theory as well the history of the Universe (kids are bright enough these days aren't they?). Getting a fair education like this provides a platform from which they can form their own opinions about the world and this, I think, is a human right.

Meanwhile, Adam criticises the overall formality of the Humanist perspective with particular reference to the texts on the BHA website. The writing is pretty dry, and does tend to boil down the richness and complexities of life into a few easy-to-swallow statements. However, I'm inclined to support what they say, even if they do need a livelier copywriter.

The fact is that there are people still living in the dark ages and human beings are capable of incredible evil, whether it is driven by politics or religion or whatever. Dawkins would call it mental poison; if this is the case, I just wonder if we'll ever find the antidote.

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Win a Trip to... Mir?

You can always count on the Metro newspaper for its well researched news stories. In a report about a competition by Pepsi to win a trip into space, Georgina Littlejohn writes:

'The fizzy drinks giant is in talks with the Russian Aviation and Space Agency to buy a £10 million shuttle ticket to the Mir space station'


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'With an approach to life based on humanity and reason, humanists recognise that moral values are properly founded on human nature and experience alone.'

At a time when the population of our planet seems increasingly torn apart via politics and religion, I think many of the articles on the British Humanist Association website are worth reading.

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